At CZ Biohub, we create opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential. We do this by bringing together brilliant scientists and engineers who see opportunities in every challenge. These individuals are united by a common passion – solving previously impossible problems.

Meet the team at CZ Biohub and learn how you can be our next great researcher.

CZ Biohub Staff

Led by the best in their field, our in-house CZ Biohub staff are seeking to make the next great breakthroughs in medical research.

Joe DeRisi

University of California, San Francisco

Stephen Quake

Stanford University

Amazing things can happen when great minds come together to advance science and solve problems. Faculty from UCB, UCSF and Stanford make up Biohub’s Investigator team. This 5-year appointment will allow them to pursue their most bold, innovative and impactful ideas.

Our first round of applications has closed, but be sure to check back later to learn how we can fund your next big discovery.